Looking Deeper – a unique perspective

Rockin Selfie

We meet a great many people from day-to-day, but never venture below the surface to really discover who those people are. What is their life really like? If we dig a little deeper, we find that most of us are walking through something we would rather not be.  Still others are merely struggling to survive under the weight of social injustice and the human rights violations they live in every day of their lives. One issue very close to my heart, human trafficking is growing to a level unprecedented in human history. It is my hope to shine a light, not only in the darkness of human depravity, but also to spotlight the people and organizations who dare to make a difference. I would like to invite you into some candid conversation about these social issues, the things that inspire me, move me, and the things that motivate me to be a vehicle for change in the world.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair. Let’s chat for a while.


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