As Close as Your Front Porch

It is easy to turn a blind eye to the issue of human trafficking, when you look at all the statistics pointing to foreign countries. Even the statistics noted for human trafficking in the US declare that 14,500 to 17,500 of women and children are trafficked into this country each year. However, the numbers of woman and children who are being trafficked within our own borders is more than alarming. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, slavery is alive, and growing at an astronomical rate. According to statistics in the United States:

·        7 years is the average life of a commercial sex slave, once trafficked

·        18,000 to 20,000 People are trafficked across US borders annually

·        83% of victims in confirmed sex-trafficking incidents were identified as U.S. citizens

·        12-14 years is the average age of entry into sex trafficking

·        33% of all runaways will be sexually exploited within 48 hours

·        90% of runaways will ultimately end up in the commercial sex trade

If these numbers aren’t sobering enough, TODAY NEWS reports the experts estimate 300,000 young children are sexually exploited every year. The following video tells a chilling and yet all too common scenario.

Teen recounts horror of abduction into sex slavery

These are not just numbers and facts. These are women and children who have been forced into the most heinous abuse. This could be a young girl you encounter at the corner market. This could be your daughters friend at school. This could be the prostitute we have been taught to disregard as trash and the dregs of society. So this brings us full circle really, to the deeper questions. Who are the people we meet from day to day? Can we take the time to look below the surface? We can and we must. Someones life may depend on it.


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