5 Ways People Are Trafficked

We are so very gullible as a people, aren’t we? Most of us really want to believe that the human race is basically good. But the reality is that evil is alive and very present in our surrounding world. This is the flip side of looking beneath the surface. Not every person you meet is a safe person. And it is a wise person who is aware of the dangers, so he or she can steer clear.

I came across this extremely eye-opening blog on the A21 Website. Besides the blog itself, I found the comments very enlightening as well.

These tactics are just as widely used in the United States as anywhere else. Please share with your loved ones so they can take proper measures to ensure their safety.

Across the globe, an estimated 27 million people are in slavery. Everyone’s story is unique. There are countless methods used to recruit victims, but here are 5 main ways people can be trafficked:

1. Misleading “Friendships” – Some recruiters befriend teens and adults for the sake of trafficking them. After they develop trust and a seemingly solid friendship, the recruiters initiate a weekend vacation or gig, only to deceive them into trafficking.

2. False Job Advertisements – Traffickers will advertise paying jobs (nanny, waitress, model, etc.) in a foreign country. When the applicants arrive and are picked up by their supposed boss, their paperwork is often taken and they are forced into work conditions vastly different than they had been led to believe.

3. Family Arrangements – In some cases, a family falls on financial hard times and is willing to sell a child for money. Parents are often promised their child will be taken care of and given a proper education. Sadly, the buyer rarely holds up to his or her part of the deal and the children or adolescents are resold into the trafficking industry.

4. Abductions – Many trafficked victims are kidnapped on their way to school, work, or home and later sold into slavery.

5. Sham Lover – Some women unknowingly marry a recruiter and are then sold by their husbands. Other women are pimped out by their boyfriends and forced or manipulated into commercial sex.

We believe education is a key component in abolishing slavery in the 21st century. Now that you know, who can YOU inform?


lc – October 1, 2013 at 3:49pm

Thanks for your story ^^^ we HAVE to stay aware.

Isha – September 21, 2013 at 11:17pm

Please stop using the words “trafficked” and “trafficking”. These words are part of the problem, because they result in the general public not taking any notice. These people are *kidnapped* and they are *slaves* and they many of them are continually *raped*. Euphemisms do not help.

nicola Leitch – September 19, 2013 at 2:46pm

Some young ladies are drugged in clubs…never ever leave your drink or even drink something that is out of a can that you open…barmen are sometimes paid to slip something into a drink…In fact be aware of your surroundings. Clubs and raves are notorious places for unscrupulous people to traffic girls. Try and stick together in a group and watch out for one another.

Jocelyn Gandy – September 19, 2013 at 1:43pm

When I was in my early 20’s I traveled extensively in South East Asia. I met an Indian man in Agra who wished to sing around the world with me. He invited me to his bands evenings, asked me to dress in saris. He taught me Indian songs and instructed me in sitar. One morning there were two ? Hungarian boys at the shop where I had my music lessons. They gave me a bung lassie,..ok bung is cannabis. This drink didn’t have bung in it though. I was very frightened, by the comments made by these boys ie: don’t worry she isn’t going anywhere. Also by my rickshaw driver referred to my singing teacher as my master. I decided to leave Agra as fast as I could, although it was difficult to get a train ticket as a single white woman. I was starting to hallucinate by this time, I just knew I had to get out of Agra. I spent 4 days tripping on Jaipur station and then spent a month in a hospital in New Deli. Very few people believed my story when I returned to Australia. Travelling alone as a blond young gullible Australian who believed that people are basically friends, can be extremely dangerous. Have fun traveling, but always be aware, this does happen.


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