I remember when I first learned the magnitude of the problem of human trafficking within the United States, and to further realize what a huge problem it is in my own home town. A gut wrenching feeling of grief overtook me, and anger, and I knew I had to do whatever was in my power to change that situation for the better. I looked high and low for any kind of organization I could find that was reaching out to the victims of trafficking, and could find none.

After over a year of contacting different organizations trying to find some way I could make a difference in my area, my paths crossed with this groundbreaking organization, Hosea’s Heart. Since I have been a part of their efforts, I have learned so much about the adult entertainment industry. I learned that even though yes there are those who have been physically forced into this world of sex for sale, there is another more prevalent group who have been forced into the industry by the desperation of their personal circumstances. And yes there is a small percentage of women in the adult entertainment industry who have no problem being there.

Whatever the situation, Hosea’s Heart, is dedicated to provide support and encouragement to those either in the industry, on their way out of the industry or having been out for years. It is a safe place for the women to connect, find acceptance, and affirmation, and healing, as well as any resources they may need. Hosea’s Heart is also working on providing transitional housing for those who are exiting the industry.

If you would like to know more about Hosea’s Heart, or live in the greater Knoxville, TN area and would like to get involved, check out their website below.



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